Financial Services, Secretarial & Support 2012 Salary Guide

Hakan Enver 09.01.2012

Secretarial & Support


Salaries within the secretarial & support jobs market within financial services held steady in 2011.

There was however, greater demand for senior level candidates compared to 2010. These senior level roles are increasingly becoming team support focused and not always one-to-one positions. Secretarial & support professionals are therefore having to be more flexible when looking for a new role.

The number of available job opportunities was slightly lower in 2011 than the previous year – down by approximately 17%. However, we saw a slight peak in jobs in Q4 2011.

It is predicted that 2012 will see an upturn in roles and more variety across all areas of the secretarial & support market.

Salaries for the coming year are unlikely to increase significantly; 2011 saw an average of 5-6% increases for those seeking new roles.

Role Basic Salaries (Per Annum)
Office Manager £35k - £55k
Executive Assistant £45k - £60k
Personal Assistant £35k - £45k
Float Secretary £35k - £42k
Trading Floor Secretary £32k - £42k
Bi-lingual Secretary £32k - £40k
Team Secretary £32k - £38k
Research Assistant £32k - £38k
Senior Administrator / Business Assistant £35k - £50k
Administrator £25k - £35k
Junior Administrator £22k - £25k
Reception Manager £28k - £35k
Receptionist / Switchboard £23k - £30k



There were three main hiring trends within secretarial & support in London in 2011 and these look set to continue this year. The first is the increased demand for multilingual skills in addition to typical PA duties.

The second is the decline of the traditional one-to-one PA role; the number of executives who have exclusive PAs has been declining for some time but this was particularly noticeable in 2011.

The third major trend is related to the length of secretarial & support contracts. In recent years these have increased from 3-6 months to rolling or 12 month contracts.

As always, to be a successful secretarial temp you need to be reliable, professional and flexible, with the skill set to cover a range of duties. Commitment to the role is also essential to building credibility in this highly competitive market.

Basic rates remained mostly steady in 2011, with the exception of a few peaks and troughs. No major fluctuations in basic rates are expected for 2012.

Role Basic Rate (Per Hour)
Office Manager £17 - £23
Senior Executive Assistant £20 - £25
Executive Assistant £18 - £22
Personal Assistant £16 - £21
Float Secretary £16 - £21
Trading Floor Secretary £16 - £20
Bi-lingual Secretary £16 - £19
Team Secretary £16 - £19
Senior Administrator £17 - £23
Junior Administrator £12 - £16
Receptionist / Switchboard £12 - £13
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