Fallen out of love with the job search?

Kelly Hayman 14.02.2019

Love is in the air due to Valentine’s day, and with this in mind I cannot help but compare the job search with the search for love.

Whether you are single or not, I’m sure you have heard about the rising popularity of online dating. It all comes down to one thing with both the dating game and the job hunt: first impressions and matching!

Make sure you meet your match; similar to the way you find potential partners, job hunting works the same. 

From the point of view of a recruiter, when sourcing for a role, most of us will use job boards where we search for the candidates that will suit the role by location, skills, qualifications and jobs titles. Make sure you have accurately filled in your information you don’t want to miss any potential job opportunities, but equally you need to make sure you don’t get bombarded by recruiters for jobs you are not interested in. 

When you match with your potential job opportunity, it is so important that your CV catches the hiring manager or recruiter’s eye, but for all the right reasons. Just like dating, first impressions count. Firstly, take a fresh look at your CV: get someone to have a read and tell you honestly what they think. Whether it’s a friend, family member, consultant or mentor; get them to thoroughly read your CV form the top to the bottom and then offer their criticism. Go through and make your corrections, upload it to the appropriate job boards and then update your consultant. 

Once you’ve got them interested, make sure your LinkedIn profile is updated, detailed and that your picture is professional

Finally, you need to think about the interview. Think of it like the first date. Like anyone who has been away from the dating scene, it can be daunting. It’s worth talking to someone who has recently been through the process and asking them about their experiences and also getting prep advice from a consultant. When the day comes, it’s important to remember just like a first date to let them see your personality but to not let your guard down completely. 

Finally you have to stay positive and remember there is a job out there for you somewhere!

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