Exciting roles across Development, Data Science, Data Visualisation and Big Data

Angela Lewis 05.07.2018

As an ever evolving sector, IT has seen robust demand for a wide range of roles throughout Q2, with a focus on enhancement and innovation.

IT recruitment market overview


In a similar trend to Q1, we’ve seen clients continue to focus on permanent recruitment across the Financial Services sector for development roles. Contract demand has been somewhat subdued, this could be due to the fact there are fewer high demand projects than we have seen in the past, MiFID for example. Most work that’s taking place at the moment is focused on enhancement, innovation or BAU based, and so would therefore require permanent staff rather than contractors.

Data Science

Q2 has been interesting in terms of large demand for Data Scientists with Machine Learning, and there is a strong emphasis on hiring candidates with this skill set. There have also been some great projects that started in Q2 with a heavy focus on Data Engineering; namely data lakes, big data platforms and big data transformation. This means that there will be lots of opportunities throughout Q3 for more permanent and contract hires in this field.

IT recruitment Q2 review

Data Visualisation

There is continuing positivity in Data Visualisation, with technologies such as Tableau and PowerBI leading the way in terms of sought after technologies. Surprisingly, demand in the contract market has been somewhat suppressed in the last 3 months, however we envisage this picking up again later this year.

Most exciting roles seen throughout Q2


We’ve seen high demand for some exciting team lead roles, where there is opportunity to work as a hybrid developer/manager. These positions have been offering good salaries and overall packages, whilst providing applicants the opportunity to expand their skills and take their career in a new direction. Demand for those working with the latest Open Source technologies are in highest demand.


  1. Head of Data Science - this was a fantastic role with a great opportunity to build a new part of the business and to head up a team that is facilitating new and cutting edge technology.
  2. Head of Analytics - a new build out function within a client that will be facilitating progression and career opportunities.
  3. Big Data Engineer - amongst some of the most exciting roles around at the moment. They provide exposure to the latest cutting edge technologies, high salaries and a strong career progression, which is enticing more candidates to move into Big Data.

Desirable skills sought after in IT candidates

  • Automated Trading – Algo/Electronic Trading
  • Quantitative Development
  • Scala
  • Haskell
  • Tableau
  • PowerBI
  • Alteryx
  • Spark
  • Hadoop
  • Kafka
  • Python
  • Strong mathematical ability including a good grasp of machine learning
  • Strong communication skills and able to collaborate with a range of different skill sets and mindset

Predictions for the upcoming quarter


Q3 will be the time for clients to scope out future projects, with the view to making new hires into the relevant business functions. Potentially it could be the time to re-establish the longevity of their current workload, with business decision makers and strategists looking at teams with a view to offshore, especially as Brexit creeps closer. With the constant speculation of Banks looking to offshore their development teams, this could be a likely outcome.

Development teams will also make sure they are ‘lean’ but equipped with the best candidates, which could mean a reshuffle by moving people out and making new hires.

Data & Analytics

We expect to see a further increase in the demand for candidates with machine learning skills and anticipate an increase in hiring overall. From the candidate’s perspective, they look for more flexibility in working hours, whilst companies look to source candidates from diverse backgrounds, with the requirement of a representative workforce ever-present.

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