An Evening of Whisky Tasting with Senior Finance Professionals in Real Estate

Darren Burns 19.02.2015

Morgan McKinley held a whisky tasting evening for our Property and Construction clients on the 18th of February at our London office.

The whisky expertise was provided by Cadenhead, the oldest and most prestigious independent bottler of single-malt whisky in Scotland. The evening proved to be an exciting new venture for some and a great experience shared by whisky enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts alike.

Our whisky tasting expert, Richard, a kilt clad connoisseur of fine single malt with decades of expertise took us through the tasting of six single malts from various different regions of Scotland. 

Richard took us on a geological and geographical tour of the highlands describing how the natural world influences the smells, flavours and colours we experience as a consumer and distinctly why the headache will vary the day after!

I found it thought-provoking when Richard spoke about the history of whisky and how limited licensing hampered the production of whisky was until the 1960s. These factors even resulted in a direct impact in the global whisky economy compared to pre 1960 and during the United States alcohol prohibition.

Overall the evening proved to be an excellent networking experience shared among friends and clients and we hope you enjoyed it as much as the team at Morgan McKinley. I believe the general consensus among those who attended was that whilst the evening was kept intimate and aimed at a selected group of the finance leadership community within a particular sector, everyone was thrilled that the primary theme was non accountancy or work related. 

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We would like to extend our thanks to everyone who attended our first and certainly not last, networking event for finance professionals within the Real Estate market. 

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Operations Director