Do you prioritise your career prospects? Then this is for you...

Hakan Enver 14.03.2019

If you’ve decided that you want to be successful and climb the corporate ladder, there are a few requirements that you are going to need to consider along the way.

What’s most important to you when choosing your next move?

So, you've started a new role, possibly the first step in your professional working career. The job could be anything - window cleaner, car salesman, banker, or even recruiter. Whatever it is, you have accepted that position for a particular reason. This could be because of money, the team, the manager, career prospects, or even a combination of several aspects.

For those of you that choose career prospects, this blog is aimed at you. I’m not saying that the others shouldn’t be major considerations when deciding on taking a job, but it is important to remember that your professional career is something you spend most of your adult life working towards.

Drive - the fuel for success

This is hugely important. Drive is the power and attitude that fuels your success. It is having the right frame of mind to “want to make it”. It's about getting up in the morning and thinking I am going to go into work today with a positive outlook. Don't get me wrong, have I managed to do that every day over the last 17 years of my professional career? Perhaps not. However, the journey to work is key; by the time I am at my desk, my attitude is completely different and I’m set for a successful day of work.

Determination - getting you through the highs and lows

To achieve greatness you need determination to get through what can often be the emotional rollercoaster that is your working life. Some days will be good, others not so much. Some moments will always be challenging, others less so. Strong willpower and determination allows you treat each situation in a manner that will enable you to overcome any obstacle that you are faced with. Every challenge is a learning curve. How you bounce back from the lows will certainly contribute to shaping your career.

Planning - set goals for your career

Planning is key. Within any business environment, you should always be planning your career. This means, where possible, setting career development goals and understanding what is required from both yourself and your business. This involves working with management to set those expectations, establishing transparency, and where possible, forming time frames. By creating such plans, it will give you the comfort and, more importantly, confidence to drive forward.

Passion - a true dedication to your work

Passion comes from the heart. This doesn't necessarily mean having to work all hours or over the weekends, or even checking your emails every second of the day, but more being dedicated to the cause and not being afraid to go over and above the call of duty. Dedication doesn’t go unnoticed and will increase your value to the business. After all, most who don't attribute as much care to their futures will inevitably fall behind the curve of the more passionate individuals.

Leadership - empower those around you to perform to their best

Have you ever heard the phrase "lead from the front"? What does that actually mean? Well, you could compare it to a General leading their army into battle. Then you ask, why do people follow them? This could be due to a number of reasons: their drive to win, pride, passion, ‘can do’ attitude, self belief, creativity, respect and overall set of beliefs. In actual fact, a strong leader possesses an array of qualities which empower teams, and even entire businesses, to want to succeed.

With these 5 essential qualities, you can aid your climb up the corporate career ladder and make your way to being successful in whatever job you do.

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