Corporate Governance Event - Sanctions Control

Andrew Kitchen 23.10.2015

We successfully held our second Corporate Governance event on the very hot topic of Global Banking Sanctions.

In conjunction with Risk Audit Professional Development, Chris Hollands led us through what has become a bit of a minefield over the past few years, especially given the record fines meted out by the US regulators. 
While the subject matter was very broad, it certainly gave a good taster as to the challenges faced when reviewing Sanctions. 

It included topics such as:
1)    Definitions and the Structure of Regulation 
2)    Key Risks and the commensurate Controls found in a Financial Institution
3)    Approach to Testing
4)    Recent Cases
5)    12 Key questions you need to ask

Chris Hollands

Chris joined Risk Audit (Professional Development) in 2013. He is a Chartered Accountant who has spent the last forty years working in the financial services industry as an internal auditor, CFO and in operational risk, compliance and latterly senior management.

He specialises in working in a cross-cultural environment and has a broad international background. He is passionate about career development and is involved in a number of university mentoring programmes. 

Sandro Boeri

Sandro is one of the founders of Risk Audit (Professional Development) with a career spanning thirty years in financial services corporate governance in the City of London and internationally.

His main area of specialism is in the field of internal audit, but he has also led the compliance functions of several banks as well as running an operations function. He is a prominent speaker on subjects ranging from corporate governance to motivation in the workplace and runs Risk Audit’s life coaching and mentoring business. As well as fully engaging in professional development, Sandro is a passionate Chelsea fan.  

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