Compliance is no longer a paper exercise

Hakan Enver 12.03.2014

Very few financial services organisations have a clean sheet when it comes to compliance, in the last few years. This is no longer a question of consumer confidence, but a genuine exercise in developing a function to deliver robust governance, internally and externally.

In the last 12 months we have seen the majority of banks begin a lengthy transition, to ensure that they are geared to deliver an enterprise-wide compliance function to the satisfaction of the regulators and the shareholders. Gone are the days where compliance was asked to ensure the company was operating satisfactorily against the regulations and policies of the FSA.  This is high on the agenda of all ExCos. The required changes in how compliance is delivered are fundamentally changing the shape of the financial services industry, from how the corporate structure operates, through to how data is utilised to deliver regulatory reporting.

From a talent perspective, the profiles being sought continue to evolve. The requirements for SMEs, BAs and project/programme managers in areas like AML, AB&C, sanctions and transaction monitoring continue to grow. Another area of anticipated growth will be data gurus from architecture to regulatory reporting. The need for talent that can translate big data into a tangible compliance product will continue to be highly sought after. The clear trend is away from change generalists to transformation specialists.

A transformation specialist is likely to have SME expertise in one or more specific disciplines, with a strong background in business analysis or project management, as well as experience delivering systems change and ideally with a consultancy background. As compliance is now cross-business, function and geography, individuals who can bring experience of working in global programs are highly sought after. The requirements for this type of talent will be desired for at least the next two to three years.


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Our Client, a leading Brokerage based in London, is currently looking for someone to join their Compliance Team.
Our Client, a Global Bank based in London, is currently looking for someone to join their Compliance Monitoring Team.