Companies prefer permanent Procurement positions over external consultants

Despite a trend of internal upskilling and downscaling of team sizes, the Procurement and Supply Chain recruitment market has been productive so far in 2018.

Overview of Q1 Procurement recruitment

The market for Procurement and Supply Chain has maintained a buoyant performance throughout Q1 of 2018. A contributing factor to the strong market is a trend that is displaying a preference for permanent mid level hires, with many companies looking to hire someone permanently rather than recruiting external consultants. Category managers and procurement officers with indirect and IT skills are popular at present, and whilst we have seen senior level roles, they have been fewer in number.

On the flipside, there has been a slight trend in downscaling physical teams and choosing to upskill those who remain in an attempt to optimise efficiency. This has led to a series of redundancies in some areas, especially within FMCG.

Top 3 in demand Procurement roles

Category Managers - IT

Due to ever emerging new technologies and large scale transformation projects, IT skills for category managers are highly demanded to provide the best value for money.

Procurement Officers - Indirect

With many firms now utilising external consultancies and professional services companies for various aspects of their operations, there is an increasing need to manage and optimise spend, hence the rise of procurement officer hires.

Strategic Supply Chain/Procurement

Companies have targeted more senior level roles, seeking professionals who can implement new strategies and projects in order to bring their divisions into a more modern setting. This could be tendering and implementing e-procurement tools, as well as looking at global spend/analysis to find savings and increase efficiency.

Most desirable skills and qualifications

Whilst we have not seen a noticeable demand for any particular qualifications, with the deadline of 25th May fast approaching, any experience working with GDPR has been considered an advantage across the board.

Jobseeker and hiring manager motivations

At this time of year, it is common to see hiring to accommodate for upcoming projects and/or growth strategies. Further to this, Q1 Procurement recruitment saw that Brexit has also led to a proportion of hiring regardless of the uncertainty surrounding policies. Companies that do business with the EU for supply chain or procurement reasons will now need to look at alternatives, considering various possibilities in case of potential fallout from the Brexit deal.

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