Career crossroads at Christmas: Which way will you go?

Josh Rufus 04.12.2017

Have you ever asked yourself how many times you've been on a crossroad and not sure which way to go?

I guess it would be very hard for me to count it. Whether it's small decisions about where to go on holidays, where to find a new place to live or whether you should start to look for a new role, at these times we usually seek advice from others and that is absolutely fine. However, in the past I know I made the right decisions just because I stepped away from stereotypical opinions or other people’s advice. You are the person on the crossroad and so it should be you making the next move. It will not be your colleague, friend or your family.

Sometimes we let other factors influence our decisions and directions. People listen to too much of what others say when actually, the only thing we should do is to listen to our own intuition. That applies to everything, whether you are unhappy in your job, looking for a new one or the timing when you should all do this.

We are approaching December and I know what most of candidates and clients will be saying. I have been in recruitment for several years and every year seems to be the same scenario. Lots of people want to put their search for a job or the search for the right candidate for their vacancy on hold. My question to that is always the same! Why?

There is some general idea that changing jobs or recruiting is better after the New Year. There is no such a thing as perfect timing and you should throw behind this stereotypical opinion that January is the best time for a new role. You should do what you really want to do and remember that waiting is not going to change much. You may actually gain so much more by sending that CV today, getting that sign off for the role or arranging back-to-back interviews before Christmas.

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Manager | External Audit Recruitment