Is Bigger Always Better With Audit Firms?

Sinead Byrne 28.09.2017

You may have recently qualified and be thinking about your next move. If you have decided to stay within practice, then you may be wondering which size audit firm is going to be best for you. Is bigger always better?

To a certain extent, the question depends on where you have qualified and the market conditions, or you may have decided to stay where you are for the time being. As far as the market is concerned, it has changed significantly from the one that newly qualified candidates would have been presented with 12 months ago. 

The same is not true however of many of the Top 10 and Mid Tier firms. Many of these firms are continuing to enjoy sustained growth and recruiting accordingly with a confident outlook for the future. With this in mind, I thought it might be interesting to highlight some of the benefits of looking outside of the Big 4 firms.

Quotes from candidates that I have placed within Top 10 and Mid Tier firms:

  • "Work life balance. Top 10 and mid-tier firms know that they can’t compete with Big 4 on client size, but this is somewhere that they can. 60 hour weeks are not the norm in these firms, and you can still enjoy the life that you want once you leave for the day."
  • "These firms retain their professionalism but are sometimes more relaxed and have a less corporate feel which appeals to many."
  • "In Top 10 and Mid Tier firms, you are more likely to work with your colleagues more regularly, and build up good working and social relationships with them."
  • "Plenty of client contact whilst still working on large clients in the right firm, and playing a significant role with the clients you work with."
  • "Internal transfers to other service lines can often happen more quickly and more easily in a smaller firm. Transfers to Tax, Corporate finance and Consulting are commonplace. Similarly, transfers between international offices in top ten firms are also a regular occurrence, often within shorter timescales."
  • "An individually tailored career plan is often what attracts candidates to Top 10 and Mid Tier firms, where staff are actually known by partners as individuals rather than simply being a name on a list. This includes getting to know partners in other areas of the business which can be a great opportunity to progress your career."
  • "A good Top 10 or Mid Tier firm will still provide you with the prestigious name and stepping stone that you might want in order to achieve your goals in industry or elsewhere."

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Senior Consultant | Accounts and Outsourcing Recruitment, General Practice