The best time of the year to look for a job is…

William Hepworth 20.02.2013

It’s a question that is often asked and one which, will no doubt cross the minds of many people considering their next career move.

The simple truth is, when it comes to job seeking there is no time like the present. To quote Andy Teach ‘The stars will  never align perfectly in your job search and if you wait for them to do so, a great opportunity could be missed.'

There are of course times of the year that see fewer roles coming to the job market (holiday season or year-end for instance) only takes one person to move to create a job vacancy.

Many of the best openings are created by resignation, not by budgetWhilst it may appear that most jobs are recruited when budgets are announced or at the start of a new year, many of the best openings are created by resignation, not by budget. In many cases, it makes sense that the best jobs go to the most ambitious candidate. If somebody gets a job by demonstrating their ambition at interview, it is likely that they will move on at some point to realise their own career goals.

My colleague Ian Palmer, who specialises in the recruitment of permanent corporate tax roles in Practice says ‘the best time to look for a new  job is when you don’t need one. Build relationships with specialist recruiters and network. Don’t wait for a certain time of the year to do this; it should be an ongoing commitment.’

Your career should follow a path that you define, not one that is defined by market conditions. If you network and work with a specialist recruitment  consultant, you will find that perfect job for you when you least expect it.  

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*author of ‘From Graduation to Corporation: The Practical  Guide to Climbing the Corporate Ladder One Rung at a Time

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