Being successful – which habits do you have?

Sadie Franke 26.10.2017

What does success look like to you? Your answer will differ on a personal and a professional level but one thing is for sure – there's probably a few small habits you could change to unlock your full potential sooner.

There’s no set formula and no magic recipe that will guarantee it but rather than being envious of a colleague's or a friend's success you need to take control, be prepared to fail and put in some hard graft. The key is what you are willing to do to achieve success. Don’t be afraid to stand out for all the right reasons but it might not be a pain-free process getting there.

People aren’t born achievers, they are motivated by variety, adapting to ever-changing benchmarks in an ever-changing world. But they love it and know when to celebrate their own success, no matter how big or small. Here’s a few things you can do to give yourself some grounding for success:

1. Stop working within your comfort zone.

Your comfort zone is, “A psychological state in which a person feels familiar, at ease, in control, and experiences low anxiety.” It doesn’t mean that outside of this is uncomfortable, it’s the concept of challenging yourself to experience different ways of working or viewpoints.

2. Don’t fear asking for advice.

It doesn’t make you weak or vulnerable. It doesn’t mean you don’t know how to do your job. What it does mean is that you want to reach your full potential by seeking new ways of approaching a task. Remember this is very different to feedback, something that can hold you back rather than push you forward.

3. Keep an eye on the “big picture”.

If your head is in the sand how will you keep track of things changing around you? The fast-paced nature of a working environment can mean if you are looking at the small stuff all the time you completely lose sight of the “big picture”.

4. One task at a time.

We all like to profess to multitasking and for a long time it has been seen as a trait of successful people. But does it really exist? The most successful people are able to prioritise, rather than try to do many tasks at once and if you focus on one task at a time not only will you feel you have accomplished more but you will apply your full aptitude to that task. 

5. Be honest with yourself.

When evaluating a situation it’s always important to think "could I have done anything differently" and being honest in your critique. Accept problems are a crucial part of work, and sometimes personal life but don’t become at ease accepting them as “uncomfortable familiarity”. 

6. Lead from the front.

Be the first person in the office, the first to suggest an idea or the first to address an issue. Successful people lead more than they follow, adopting a ‘do as I do, not as I say’ approach in the way they work. Adopting a best practice approach whilst helping others will get you a long way. 

7. Surround yourself with positive people.

Mood hoovers are so detrimental particularly if you work in a small team or office. So how can you get away from them?

Pick out the people you find have a positive influence on your winning mindset and have less interaction with those who don’t. It won’t be easy at first but the more you come round to having resilience within your mindset, the less it will impact your working environment. 

So, are you and your team guilty of hiding behind that uncomfortable familiarity of not letting yourselves be successful? Try the above – not all at once, and see the potential results evolve. We are often asked to help benchmark new positions, both in capabilities and salaries in order to make sure you are pitching the role to get the best candidates.

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Senior Consultant | Accounting and Finance Recruitment