How to improve your audit in public practice CV [templates]

Josh Rufus 13.02.2018

Advice from an audit into public practice recruiter: before and after CV templates for accounting professionals with advice on how, why and what to update.

During my lifetime of working in recruitment, which has spanned well over a decade I have probably looked at close on 30,000 CVs with a significant proportion of this within audit in practice recruitment. Whilst there is no definitive way of writing a CV, there are a number of incorrect ways in writing them.

I have two CVs written by the same person, who is working within the practice sector, and wishing to further his career. Having interviewed this professional, it was clear that the CV produced needed reviewing to ensure the best possible chances of securing a job.

I had no doubt after having met this candidate that if he had an interview, a job offer would be likely. However, the market is so competitive at the moment that your CV must highlight your skill set, give a clear demonstration of what you do and provide a little bit of life to the person on the paper.

CV1 is the original version and CV2 is the update version with highlighted areas of additional explanation. A download of each CV, for comparison, is also available at the bottom of this blog.

Audit in Practice CV 1: The Original


Audit in Practice CV 2: Reviewed and improved CV

Reviewed and improved CV

1 – Say what you are looking for 

In the profile section an employer will want to know who you are and more importantly what you are looking for.

This can change depending on whether you are looking for different roles, e.g. ‘I am looking to work for a mid-tier practice specialising in charities’.

2 – Exact dates needed

I do find that with individuals who have been in a number of different roles can sometimes fail to put months of when they have commenced work or started studying. This is important, because a potential employer likes to see whether there are any unexplained gaps, and exact months will be able to display this quickly and simply.

3 – If you have got it, flaunt it!

It always amazes me the sort of information that individuals sometimes forget to put on a CV: UK GAAP and IFRS are two skills that companies in this market are crying out for.

Organisations are looking at the individual, not just for the job but also in terms of progression within the organisation so examples of managing or leading juniors on site are important.

4 – Mirror mirror on the wall!

The first question I always ask when I am recruiting for a role within practice is around the size of firms that they audit and that respective company turnover. They’ll also be looking for examples of this on a CV as well. It is important that where possible this information mirrors what is in the job advertisement that initially attracted you and what the employer is looking for.

5 – Personality, not just a number cruncher.

Today’s auditor needs to not only be a good auditor, but needs to know how to up-sell to a client. The market is extremely competitive at the moment, with a lot of big firms pitching against each other to win business; therefore, it is important to show on your CV any extracurricular activities that are going to help your application. Examples of this would be running fundraising events, sports competitions, travelling and experiencing new cultures, and public speaking.


Please feel free to contact me today for any CV advice, or to talk about the market. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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