Are You About to Break Your Employer's Heart?

Sadie Hills 14.02.2019

You’ve been together for a good few years now, but is the flame slowly starting to burn out? Do you dread getting up every morning to the same old face, same old routine? It sounds like you need to start looking for satisfaction elsewhere; get your CV up on that job board and start playing the field.

With Cupid shooting his arrow in every direction at this time of year, perhaps it’s time to think about whether you are really feeling fulfilled.

Looking for a new job whilst being employed can be likened to having an affair; it can be a very stressful and emotionally challenging time. Your feelings may vary from not wanting to hurt your current employer, to resenting them for holding you back and not allowing you to explore other opportunities.

You need to be careful during this time. Don’t allow your boss or colleagues to become suspicious. They will soon start asking why you’re staring into space every morning whilst waiting for the kettle to boil - do you really want them to know that you’re actually fantasising about the free tea, coffee and breakfast cereal that another company could provide? Secret phone calls, sneaky plans and late night emails are all tell-tale signs that you’re cheating.

If you’re going to leave your current job, you need to do it without upsetting those you care for, so be smart about it:

  1. Engage with the right recruiter: your time out of the office for registering with agencies and attending interviews is precious. If you’re going to make the move, make sure it’s for the right one.
  2. Don’t dress differently in the office: turning up to work in a new dress and killer heels, or doing up your top button and wearing your best cufflinks will make your boss suspicious. Who are you trying to impress all of a sudden?
  3. Don’t lie: calling in sick or ‘having an appointment’ suddenly is always dodgy territory. After all, you don’t want to go back to work smelling of someone else’s coffee. Try, if you can, to book a legitimate half day off work. Your stress levels will be halved and your performance levels will certainly increase.

So before you go breaking any hearts, just make sure you have given your employer the chance to make you happy again. Talk through your options; how will they ever know you’re not satisfied if you are not open and honest with each other? When all is said and done, if the spark really has fizzled out, then call us. Perhaps you’ll be looking for something permanent next, or just a temporary fling. Either way; we’ll help you.

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Senior Consultant | Office Support and Secretarial Recruitment