Amazon QuickSight: Exciting new data visualisation tool

Cem Baris 11.06.2018

Amazon Web Services are making their analytics and data visualisation tool, QuickSight, available on a per-session basis.

Targeting smaller businesses and nonprofits

Data visualisation and analytics tools have previously only been implemented by large organisations with a sufficient budget for expensive software subscriptions. Amazon is striving to change this through the availability of QuickSight on a more affordable ‘per-session’ basis, making the tool accessible to a wider range of organisations.

This puts Amazon in a strong position against data visualisation market leaders Power BI (Microsoft) and Tableau Software who don’t offer per-session pricing, meaning they can reach out to small businesses and nonprofits that can’t justify the lofty upfront costs of most data insight softwares.

“Making personalised business analytics available to everyone.”

Strong growth expected for visualisation software

Having vast amounts of data displayed in clear visual formats is becoming increasingly integral the progress of businesses by identifying areas where growth is required or changes need to be made. Visualisation software displays this data in an easy to digest manner.

Whilst Amazon QuickSight is the first tool to realistically be accessible for smaller businesses, the data visualisation software market is strong, and is expected to get even stronger. An IDC report suggested that the market is going to grow from $150.8 billion (2017) to more than $210 billion in 2020. This growth is going to be supported by the implementation of Artificial Intelligence applications that make the large amounts of data more important and prevalent.

Areas where the greatest amount of growth is expected encompass banking, healthcare, insurance and securities, as well as telecommunications.

Amazon’s desire to own the market

The offering of business intelligence software is another part of Amazon’s drive to become a full-service provider to enterprises, in this instance, by delivering data insights at scale. With an end-to-end platform service, Amazon are confident that customers will stick with them rather than seeking out other providers.

The new pricing structure makes it accessible for smaller organisations, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Amazon QuickSight develop into a favourite of more established institutions.

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