5 reasons your team may be failing

Luke Skinner 21.10.2015

In whichever business we are in and whichever team we find ourselves working within, we all wish for the cohesive environment “that friend” drums on about when they describe their inexplicable working environment and the way the team works in such great synergy that they possibly glow in delight…

Now apply this to your team. What are you thinking? I have a great leader but no synergy? I wish I had the synergy to accomplish tasks quicker and more efficiently? Whatever it may be, you will not be the only one having this 5 minutes reflection time on what your team ought to do more of in your next team meeting.

  • Poor Leadership – Whether they are more Robert Mugabe or a wet fish, you will want more. Great leadership is subjective but taking 2 things into account that will help any would-be electorate to a higher power are: - Accountability; Owning up to taking responsibility and eliminating sorry from your vocabulary to deal with and bring about change to sustain belief within a team. Communication; whether it be motivating or having transparency over what you expect, it is the most simple form but often to hardest one to get right. Being blind to other people’s unhappiness or failing to follow up with team members is a sure fire way to let small issues build into an un-scalable mountain. It is the leader’s integrity on the line so understanding others is something they must involve themselves in, regardless of whether they want to, or deem it necessary.


  • Undefined roles – No one wants to be in a team where they are either imbued with too much responsibility that they cannot possibly cope or seemingly left out on a limb without guidance and just the empty feeling that they have some loose participation on the team. It leads to poor motivation and a lack of commitment, with no guidelines in place; power plays come into effect and it leads to a disharmony within any team.


  • Inefficient processes – This leads to trivial decisions being made into crisis decisions. Strong points need to be debated amongst the team; top down communication is not a feature of any team and will lead to the above; so save the waste of energy and discussion by opening the channels. Actions are taken without the necessary thought without the appropriate understood processes, the consequence being a poorly performing team.


  •  Lack of vision – To enable success, each working part of a team must understand what it is striving for. Without this understanding people will lose motivation and the team will not succeed. The vision needs to be cohesive so everyone feels on board and the waters are not muddied long term, catch ups are integral to re-engage staff and make corrective decisions to drive that vision continuously.


  • Poor Dynamics and a lack of conflict resolution – In team dynamics, eventually conflict will arise. Maybe in a loud or silent way but noticing the signs and dealing with this in a constructive and non defensive manner will have the team learning and moving forwards.

We all know whatever team we are in, some issues will affect us more than others. Make sure your team is operating at full capacity in your next team meeting. If it cannot, Morgan McKinley is one of the market leaders in the Financial services staffing and recruitment sector, we will make sure we go beyond in finding the “dream” team you are searching for.

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