2019 Strategy, Projects and Change Management Hiring Trends

Morgan McKinley 05.03.2019

Digital continues to be high on the agenda for a lot of the retail banks as they try to keep up with the alternative offerings from the challenger banks and ‘Unicorns’, so hiring Strategy, Projects & Change Management professionals for this is a necessity.

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The Strategy, Projects and Change Management recruitment landscape

2018 was a difficult year in the Projects and Change space. Many firms expected to have more clarity on the UK’s relationship with the EU by the end of the first quarter, so budgets were allocated towards preparing for life after Brexit.

Most businesses that already have a presence in Europe made the decision to move and build out an entity in a country that is guaranteed to still be in the single market come April 2019, allowing them to continue trading within EU laws. The trend has been to move as little as possible to a new entity but ensure trading systems, risk models and data platforms are compliant with the relevant regulators in that location.

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