2018 Sales Salary Guide

Cem Baris 04.01.2018

2018 sales salary guide information for permanent roles across London displaying high rates for tech sales people due to high demand.

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Commentary on Sales Roles and Remuneration in UK for 2018


The demand for sales professionals within technology continues to be a strong area for recruitment, especially within the cyber security, FinTech and enterprise software sectors. Despite political disruptions caused by Brexit and the presumed instability that has come from it, sales recruitment has remained consistent with salaries and demand reflecting as such. Sales affiliated roles such as pre-sales and consulting positions have also stayed true to our expectations, showing continuous and steady growth. This is due to the increase in new and innovative products being produced and therefore requiring the individuals to provide proof of concept and value etc.
The highest volume of active job seekers and open positions across our key focus industries namely; cyber security, FinTech, payments, and cloud peaked in the 2nd and 3rd quarter of 2017. There was also a spike in hires for European sales professionals in September and October based on extended notice periods, allowing for January starts.

Positive  & negative news

Positive news is that the market remained consistent throughout the year. Political troubles and disputes did not have a tangible effect on the requirement for sales professionals across all technological roles that we specialise in. It was an exciting year for the emergence of hot technology such as AI and machine learning that had an impact on all technology realms. We started to see a trend in specific AI and machine learning sales people; this is something we expect to continue well into 2018 and beyond as companies get on board with these advancements.

Qualities and skills in demand

Talented individuals with a stable work history and a proven track record of consistent sales successes are, and will continue to be in high demand. For individuals looking to progress into leadership positions, it is important to adopt methodologies and sales training from recognised institutions, (see below) as well as be able to pass on best practices to team members through peer to peer coaching and development. It is essential that individuals train for the role as a leader of people before taking on these types of roles. If a company has a mentoring program, it is advisable to get involved and show senior management their ability to develop others.

Outside of work

Classic sales techniques such as SPIN and Miller Heiman are not going away anytime soon, but in an ever changing world, there are new methodologies entering the market so it is important to broaden one’s knowledge and stay up to date with latest news and trends. Methodologies such as MEDDIC and Holden Powerbase will set you above the competition and help you overcome more difficult sales. While it may be limited to few companies, there is a growing requirement to have non-SPIN techniques, so it is definitely worthwhile looking into these. One can consider broadening their knowledge outside of the technology sector to have a closer understanding on how the market is evolving and changing.
From a company perspective, it is important to have achievable and consistent goals for sales people, with incentive trips, sabbaticals, increased responsibilities, the chance to lead a team or increased salaries on offer. The most common reason we have found for individuals wanting to leave is that they no longer feel valued in their company, that they have become a part of the furniture or that they no longer have a clear and obtainable goal to reach. Diversifying the technology they’re selling will also help to retain employees – given the chance to sell cutting-edge technology from a competitor may be enough to warrant them making a change.

Notable trends

We had braced ourselves for a Brexit-related downturn in the need for recruitment across all sectors, not just sales. What we saw was the opposite. Sales recruitment remained consistent and grew as new products came to the market. We anticipate 2018 will be no different; strong sales professionals and sales affiliated professionals will still be in high demand across Europe. Technology changes and trends will result in new niches being carved out, allowing for both junior and experienced salespeople to take hold of the specialism and generate sales.
Increased flexibility around working hours and locations for salespeople is a growing trend and is likely to maintain its current upwards trajectory. Providing a good home/work balance will help to retain professionals and to attract new talent, as well as hot-desking/working from home rather than setting up in a traditional office location.

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