2017 Marketing Salary Survey Guide

As marketing evolves alongside new technologies, we expect an increased demand for creative candidates in digital marketing, communications & RFP writing.

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Financial Services | Permanent - London

Rate (£ Per Annum)

Role 0-2 Years 3-4 Years 5-6 Years 7-10 Years 10+ Years
Marketing Generalist 27,000-38,000 38,000-50,000 50,000-65,000 55,000-85,000 85,000-160,000
PR /
Corporate Communications
28,000-35,000 33,000-50,000 50,000-70,000 60,000-85,000 85,000-130,000
Events 27,000-35,000 35,000-45,000 40,000-55,000 50,000-70,000 75,000-120,000
Internal Communications 25,000-35,000 30,000-40,000 40,000-55,000 55,000-75,000 70,000-130,000
Digital Marketing 28,000-40,000 35,000-45,000 45,000-55,000 55,000-85,000 85,000-160,000
Digital Analytics 25,000-35,000 35,000-45,000 40,000-50,000 45,000-65,000 *
RFPs 32,000-45,000 40,000-65,000 55,000-75,000 65,000-80,000 70,000-120,000
Investment Writer 30,000-35,000 35,000-55,000 55,000-75,000 65,000-95,000 70,000-120,000
27,000-32,000 33,000-42,000 42,000-50,000 45,000-65,000 65,000-85,000
Sales Support 30,000-40,000 40,000-50,000 47,000-60,000 55,000-70,000 *
Graphic Designer 27,000-35,000 35,000-45,000 45,000-55,000 50,000-60,000 *

*Typically, these roles do not exist at this level



Financial Services | Temporary - London

Rate (£ Per Day)

Role 0-2 Years 3-4 Years 5-6 Years 7-10 Years 10+ Years
Marketing Generalist 150-200 200-250 250-400 400-500 500-1,000
PR / Corporate Communications 180-200 200-250 250-350 400-600 600-1,000
Events 150-200 200-250 250-350 400-500 *
Internal Communications 180-200 200-250 250-350 400-600 600-850
Digital Marketing 150-200 200-250 250-350 400-600 600-750
RFPs 180-220 220-280 280-350 350-500 500-650
Investment Writer 150-200 200-250 250-350 400-500 500-650
DTP / Presentations 120-200 200-220 220-270 270-400 *
Sales Support 150-200 200-250 250-350 400-500 *
Graphic Designer 120-200 200-220 220-270 270-400 *

*Typically, these roles do not exist at this level

Commerce & Industry | Permanent - London

Rate (£ Per Annum)

Role 0-2 Years 3-4 Years 5-6 Years 7-10 Years 10+ Years
Marketing Generalist 21,000-35,000 30,000-45,000 40,000-60,000 50,000-70,000 70,000-160,000
Product Management 21,000-35,000 35,000-50,000 45,000-70,000 60,000-80,000 80,000-150,000
Campaign Management
25,000-35,000 35,000-50,000 45,000-65,000 65,000-75,000 75,000-150,000
Insights Analysis 25,000-40,000 35,000-60,000 50,000-70,000 65,000-90,000 90,000-140,000
Internal Communications 23,000-35,000 28,000-40,000 40,000-55,000 55,000-70,000 70,000-130,000
PR /
21,000-30,000 25,000-40,000 40,000-50,000 50,000-70,000 70,000-130,000
Brand Management 21,000-30,000 28,000-40,000 40,000-55,000 55,000-65,000 65,000-130,000
Trade Marketing 21,000-28,000 25,000-35,000 35,000-55,000 45,000-65,000 65,000-110,000
Digital Marketing 25,000-40,000 40,000-60,000 55,000-70,000 60,000-90,000 90,000-160,000
Digital Analytics 21,000-35,000 35,000-55,000 55,000-70,000 60,000-90,000 90,000-140,000
CRM 21,000-30,000 25,000-45,000 50,000-65,000 55,000-80,000 80,000-130,000




Commerce & Industry | Temporary - London

Rate (£ Per day)

Role 0-2 Years 3-4 Years 5-6 Years 7-10 Years 10+ Years
Product Management 100-120 120-150 150-300 300-400 500-700
Project/Campaign Management 150-225 225-275 275-350 400-500 500-650
Brand Management 150-175 175-225 175-350 400-500 500-650
PR / Communications 110-150 150-200 200-300 300-400 450-600
Marketing Generalist 100-150 150-200 200-300 300-400 450-600
Digital Marketing 100-130 130-180 180-280 300-400 500-700
CRM 110-120 120-150 150-200 250-350 400-650

Commentary on Marketing Roles and Remuneration in UK for 2017


To the surprise of both clients and jobseekers, 2016 was a fantastic year of growth and opportunity for marketing professionals across financial services, technology and retail industries. Marketing is becoming a higher-priority on C-suite executives’ growth plans, with team sizes increasing up to 50% and budgets becoming healthier. This stands in stark contrast with previous years and moves away from the trend of cost-cutting and redundancies.
Looking forward to 2017, it will be interesting to see where these new investments in marketing take companies, and how much of an impact marketing will have on business strategies. Digital marketing enables stronger and more tangible analysis of return on investment and, with the ability to further justify the impact of marketing, we anticipate another strong wave of recruitment across the year.
There is always an element of seasonality to marketing recruitment, with permanent hires being more prevalent in Q2 and Q3 following bonus season as well as in the lead up to appraisals and salary reviews in Q4, and contract hiring being busier in the first few months of the year, Q2 and Q3. In 2016, due to a lack of predictability in the economic climate there was an element of unpredictability in marketing recruitment trends, with August being the busiest it’s been in a while. This being said, we expect 2017 to be more settled, with continued growth and exciting job prospects as both marketing and communications teams return to business as usual.

Positive & Negative News

Whilst traditional marketing, branding and event management have perhaps been slower areas of recruitment in London this year, the most significant areas of growth have been in content marketing and external communications. In an information-driven society, content and communications have been at the forefront of marketing strategy and we’ve noted a significant rise in demand for skilled writers and communicators to lead organisations both digitally and off-line in their marketing communications strategies.
Content writing has undergone its own rebrand, having always been an integral part of a traditional marketer’s responsibilities, it is now often seen as one job in its own right. In a similar way, more technical product writers, such as investment writers, are needed to work alongside content teams on more targeted, product-specific white papers and market outlooks.
PR and communications hiring managers are looking for professionals with years of experience and a portfolio of media contacts, both in trade and national press, to bring forward. Having industry knowledge of the UK landscape and other geographies, particularly in Europe, make media relations professionals extremely attractive to potential employers. In tandem with this trend, internal communications in larger organisations has seen a slight rise in demand, to reflect the increased activity in media relations.
There has been a continued demand for digital marketers, with an emphasis on specialists in SEO, social media and HTML. This is due to the daily unveiling of new apps, website re-launches and development of social media pages. Therefore, the most employable digital professionals are those who are constantly seeking to advance their skill set, attend courses to further develop, and outside of work have a passion for technology. Firms have been most successful in hiring when they’ve looked outside of their industry, and opened up applications to other markets where individuals might bring a fresh outlook on digital strategies.
There has been a steady and continued requirement for skilled bid proposal or RFP writers in London, particularly in investment management and real estate where replacement hires, as well as expansion due to growing demands from sales teams, means that there are good options for progression. This is particularly true for technical writers with advanced product knowledge. Proposal writing is an excellent way for less experienced professionals to get into a company and get first hand exposure as to how the business works.

Qualities & Skills in Demand

For individuals looking to progress into management or senior leadership positions, it is essential to demonstrate previous evidence of people management as well as contributions to planning a marketing strategy. Moreover, strategic marketers in the contract market are able to move more fluently between industries as employers look to make significant creative changes to marketing plans.
To take the next step in your career, jobseekers should look to get involved in projects outside of their day job, ensuring where possible that they mentor and guide more junior members of staff and demonstrate strategic thinking.

Outside Of Work

The most common reasons cited for looking to find new roles are linked to progression potential, salary increases and quite simply, needing a change after a number of loyal years to a company. Employees seeking pay rises internally should prepare for frank and honest conversations with their line managers, bringing with them tangible examples of their work and justification for where they have gone above and beyond the expected.

Employers should look to provide progression opportunities not only in promotion and title changes, but also in personal development such as sending individuals on marketing courses, sponsoring the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Qualification and offering further training to help the employee develop. 

Moreover, to increase retention, marketing teams should have incentives and reward schemes, using ROI statistics and sales growth to further show appreciation for staff’s efforts. Where possible, delegating further responsibility, be it mentoring junior team members or giving ownership over an interesting project, will help individuals feel appreciated and motivated.  

Notable Trends

Diversity is high on HR agendas and marketing appears to have a 40:60 male to female ratio, making it one of the more diverse and equal areas of a business. There is a growing trend amongst employers to offer flexible working, particularly for parents with young families, in order to secure top talent. This is often negotiable and based on trust, but line managers should be prepared to offer such flexibility, where possible, from the outset.
There is an increasing demand for fluency in foreign languages, namely German, French, Italian, Arabic or Mandarin. This is always on the condition that they have the right to work in the UK, as hardly any marketing teams offer sponsorship. Internationally-sourced professionals have been quite firm with their requirements in facilitating a move to the UK, namely due to uncertainty around job stability following Brexit. Therefore, employers need to be empathetic and factor these concerns into their hiring processes.
The balance between contract and permanent headcounts has shifted somewhat from previous years. There has been a clear decrease in contractor headcounts as firms appear to be opting to hire one permanent generalist over a couple of specialist marketing contractors. Particularly in the second half of the 2016, it was clear that project-related contract roles were scarce, with a number of marketing activities being outsourced to agencies.

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