To lie or not to lie…That is the question

Raluca Ciobancan - 07/03/2013

Telling the truth in an interview, is this always a good thing? Not always, in some situations.

We all at one point or another have maybe worked for the boss that ‘gives us a really hard time’ or an environment which we felt was ‘boring’, this happens, but the way in which you explain this in an interview is key. This is because these negative points that happen in the workplace shouldn’t be explained as negative ones but turned around into positive points. handshake

If an employer sees you have listed all the faults in our previous company in the interview and only carry on explaining how bad things were,  they won’t hesitate to feel you that will do the same to them. They wouldn’t want to take that risk in hiring you and have their company name portrayed in such a way to other agencies and companies in the future.

Instead of explaining your experiences in a negative light, explain them in a positive one and make yourself stand out. For example for a workplace which you thought was ‘boring’ you could explain that in your previous company, it was quiet at times but you really utilised this time in taking the intuitive to ask the manager for extra duties, this enabled you to take on more responsibilities and possibly excel to the next stage of your career within that company. You have just demonstrated to the employer you can take situations that can be viewed negatively into a situation that benefited you in your career.

Always remember what seems true to you may not be what the employer wants to hear, so place yourselves in their shoes next time and rethink your answers and turn negative situations into positive experiences.

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